Welcome to the South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild

The South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild meets on the third Tuesday of every month. We do take a summer break July & August.  While meetings generally begin at 7:00 p.m. St Mary’s Parish Hall, main level, 2020 Winnipeg St. meetings occasionally are held at other locations. During the covid crisis some meetings will be held online using ZOOM, check your emails for more information or email SSWGuild@gmail.com.

This FREE event features a fundraising sale of wonderfully crafted Christmas tree and holiday season ornaments, created and

gifted by the South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild.  Mini-dance and music workshops along with Prizes will abound for all ages!

South Saskatchewan Woodturners Guild

The wonderful Christmas decoration makers for 2022 are:

Denis Beauchesne – Emerald Park, Sask.

Larry Boyko – Regina, Sask.

Gerry Craswell – Regina,Sask.

Lloyd Dyer – Regina, Sask.

Brian Ellis – Regina, Sask.

Roy Fullerton – Regina, Sask.

Sheldon Jacob – Moose Jaw, Sask.

Dale Lowe – Regina, Sask.

Cynthia Mack – Regina, Sask.

Larry Mack – Regina, Sask.

Devon McLean – Regina, Sask.

Terry Meacham – Regina, Sask.

Bryan Milne – Regina, Sask.

Rick Murton – Regina, Sask.

Chris Nakoneshny – Esterhazy, Sask.

Henry Peters – Regina, Sask.

Barry Popick – Regina, Sask.

Ralph Sentes – Regia, Sask.

Kevin Shatkowsky – Regina, Sask.

Gary Tolhurst – Regina, Sask.

Next Meeting

We will be meeting Dec. 13th St. Mary’s Parish Hall – 2020 Winnipeg St.

Look for emails announcing the agenda for the evening.

Larry & Cynthia Mack Nov. AAW presentation is linked below


Like to thank Gerry Craswell for the William Pen presentation and draw.

William Wood-Write Ltd.

Like to thank Windsor Plywood for hosting the October meeting.



A video of Dale Lowe’s demonstration  “cutting internal and external wood threads” from Sept 20 meeting is linked below.

Threading demo video ( excuse the audio as we had to change mics in first minutes of video).

Click here

Denis Beauchesne’s  demonstration on making a  3 legged camping stool project instructions follow.

Click this link for instructions.

Larry & Cynthia Mack’s demonstration on making a wavy bowl project is linked here.

Please see event page for information and video of presentation.

Like to thank Paul Omilon for the presentation on Sharpening tools. Paul had forward his notes to members by email.

Members donated their old glasses for ‘DoctorsWithout Boarders’. Over 60 pairs were received. Many Thanks

Denis Beauchesne’s  thoughtful presentation on colour with a Ukrainian theme is linked here.


Sheldon Jacob's Rose engine Demonstration

Trevor Dean's Presentation on work holding methods


Spring Show and Sale

In cooperation with the Regina Wood Carvers,  this spring’s show will be at a new location. Watch for the announcements.


Executives, Board of Directors, and Coordinators


Joel Elder


Larry Boyko

Vice President

Neil McGregor


Dave Windecker

Directors: Dale Lowe – Denis Beauchesne – Brian Ellis – Roy Fullerton 

Beads of Courage Coordinator: Jack Lyster

Communication Officer: Terry Meachem

Membership Coordinator:  Cynthia Mack

Newsletter Coordinator: Gerry Craswell

Web Master: Bryan Milne

Show and Tell

Members work shown at the our last meeting

Artistry in Wood Gallery

Displays and sales by the South Saskatchewan Wood Turners & Regina Wood Carvers

Photo Gallery


Beads of Courage

Now 200 Bowls

Below are pictures from the Beads of Courage Project. Henry Peters delivering 19 of his 200 segmented bowls.  Centre photo is the 80th Beads Of Courage Bowl from Henry.  (Henry has now over 200 bowls 2021) Roy Jensen and Don Cairns at the General Hospital Pediatrics Ward with the newly donated storage cabinet for the program.

This Link is for the Canadian Beads of Courage Website which has their guidelines for wooden lidded bowls and boxes.


Videos From Past Presentations

Denis Beauchesne Finishings

Great Design

The Club would like to thank Brian Ellis for the design and construction of our new lathe chests/tables. This allows the safe storage of our 3 lathes, and conversion to a  lathe stand.


Many Thanks

The Club thanked Jon Thomas for hosting SSWG for the last 6 years at Campbell Collegiate.  Jon has been transferred to Balfour Collegiate in the fall.

Many Thanks Jon