• Posted on: 14 October 2017
  • By: Milne

Next Meeting:  May 15,   7:00 to 9:00 pm Campbell Collegiate Wood Shop, use south side door west of main parking lot. Bring your tools for the turnfest.


Carvers/Turners Show and Sale April 21/22 -  A special thanks to GREAT WEST SAW for the donation of a King Industrial  Variable Speed Wood Lathe  - Cynthia Mack was the  winner of the Lathe  draw.

















- Up coming events:   

AAW symposium Jun 14/17 Portland   

Saskatoon Symposium July 20 to 22

2018-  2019 Executives and Directors  

President: Rick Murton         Vice President: Bill Gilmour

Treasurer: Jack Lyster                 Secretary: Terry Meachem

Directors:         Neil McGregor – Larryu Mack – Brian Ellis – Gerry Craswell – Andre LeRuyet 



Spalting Wood

Spalting seminar presented by DR. Sara Robinson, arranged by the South Plains Woodturners, Lubbock Texas.

30 clubs through North America attended this presentation.

20 SSWG members attented this presentation on how to use fungi to stain wood through spalting.

   The club has contacted Dr. Robinson and is getting the presentation that was taped.  Sara has been excelent to direct   us to where to get cultures in Canada. We are following up to obtain 3 cultures for spalting wood.

   Chlorociboria - green stain

   Scytalidium cuboideum - pink/red stain

   Scytalidium ganodermophthorum - yellow stain


For detailed information Dr. Robinson has written several articales at">