Comments from the SSWG 2021 Collaboration:

  • Ivan W. : This was fun and I hope that the guild does this again soon. I believe these “project” are better than turning for yourself, a different mindset….
  • Cynthia M: For both myself and Larry, when we returned our projects to the owners they commented on how nice the finish was and asked how we did it.
  • Neil M:  My first plan was to finish the bowl and craft a lid using art glass. I created a foam form in a dome shape and tried to join little glass pieces using the copper foil technique. We, my wife Pam assisted, soon learned that the glass pieces needed to be beveled edges which is a huge task with glass. So, I resorted to a wood lid and returned to the lathe only to find a crack had developed about 1.5 inches up. I don’t remember dropping it but then again, I sometimes find myself in the bathroom not remembering why I went there so I decided to separate the bowl at the crack, to see what was left. In so doing it broke along the rings. For the second time I thought that I was at the firewood stage. I cleaned up the edges and found that the bottom nearly fit into the top. Out came the tools and I fitted them a bit better, glued them together and now it can be used either way up.
  • Yes, an adventure and am looking forward to the next one.
  • Al J.: Spalted maple lidded box turned by Bryan Milne completion by Al Jardine Feb 16, 2021. Lid and box threaded using the Elio made threading tool. Top inlayed with Box Elder burl. Sidewall design; wood burn textured. Exterior colour blended with FX dyes, chatter designed mortise base.Tung oil finish-interior, Wipe on Poly finish- exterior.
  • Kevin S:  A big thank you for organizing this years program. The opportunity allowed me two firsts…. first time for wire burning and my first time for wood burning. The wood burning is going to take some additional practise, but the wire burning worked out quite well and I have used the technique on some more recent projects.
  • Denis B: Wood is Maple, H: 2 3/8”. Dia: 2 1/2”. The box was carved with a few burrs to create small holes. The veins were made with a thin ball burr dragged in the different areas. The rope was carved and wood burned. Lower rope is 3/16” in height. The complete vessel was painted with acrylic paint, coated with deft lacquer. The lid tenon and mortise were very punky wood fibres- I added CA glue to strengthen the thin edges.
  • Bryan M.: A good learning experience. Made several mistakes like brazing instead of silver soldering, but hand beating a plate into a pouring spout was interesting. I polished the spout to a mirror finish but it took away from the wood so sand blasted the spout leaving a small polished section. Would join to wood differently next time; used an inner brass ring to hold spout and wood. It would have been better to cut a collar in the wood to join next time.